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Kirkton-Wodham Community Centre

The KWCC is looking for community minded individuals to join the KWCC Board. Interested people should contact Rob Morley at

Rental Information




Main Hall       Saturday            2016-$625.00  2017-$650.00 

                Friday              2016-$525.00  2017-$525.00

                Weekday Commercial  2016-$200.00  2017-$250.00


Family Reunion (includes kitchen)  2016-$155.00  2017-$175.00


Weekday Community Groups $85.00


Fundraiser for Community Groups $350.00


Small Room  Weekday Commercial 2016-$100  2017-$125.00

            Family Reunion     2016-$100.00  2017-$100.00


Weekday Community Groups $35.00


Use of Kitchen with hall rental for luncheon add  $60.00


Use of kitchen for hot meals with plates/silverware $60.00 plus $0.25/person


Use of Bar cooler  $10.00 per case of beer/40 oz. liquor served

                   Minimum $100.00
                   KWCC does not provide bartenders


Outdoor Pavilion     2016-$40.00     2017-$50.00


Auction Sales for local auctioneers $325.00


Liquidators   Up to 2 day sale  $2016-$850.00   2017-$1,000.00


Contact Kelly Ward for more information(519)-229-6786

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